Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage, but it goes farther. Deep tissue massage targets the inner layers of your muscles, tendons, and fascia (dense connective tissue). Deep tissue massage uses many of the same stroking and kneading movements as Swedish massage, but there is far more pressure. This pressure can sometimes be painful.

Deep tissue massage is best suited for athletes, runners, and people with injuries. It can also work for people with chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia and lower back pain.

This type of massage facilitates healing by releasing contracted areas of muscle and tissue. It can help increase blood flow to the soft tissues and may help to reduce inflammation.



Swedish massage is one of the most commonly offered massage techniques. It’s sometimes called a classic massage. The technique aims to promote relaxation by releasing muscle tension.

Swedish massage is gentler than deep tissue massage and better suited for people interested in relaxation and tension relief. Swedish massage may loosen up tight muscles caused by daily activities such as sitting at the computer or exercising. It can be very helpful for people who hold a lot of tension in their lower back, shoulders, or neck.


Therapeutic Touch

In Therapeutic Touch, therapists place their hands on or near their patient's body with the intention to help or heal. The focus is on balancing the energies of the total person and stimulating the body's own natural healing ability rather than on the treatment of specific physical diseases.

Therapeutic Touch is based on the following assumptions: (1) The human being is an open energy system composed of layers of energy that are in constant interaction with self, others, and the environment. (2) Illness is an imbalance in an individual's energy field. (3) Clearing or balancing the energy field promotes health. (4) All humans have natural abilities to heal and enhance the healing in others.



Receive the gift of healing touch through this relaxing yet transformative experience. This spiritual healing massage begins with a discussion of your personal intentions followed by an opening prayer to invite your spirit guides and angels to direct the unfolding of your healing journey. We will then blend the more subtle healing energies of the angels with a relaxing Swedish massage to ease you back into alignment while supporting greater self awareness and personal energy transformation.


Reflexology is a form of bodywork that involves applying pressure to the hands and feet to produce changes in pain and other benefits elsewhere in the body.

Here are some examples of reflex areas and their corresponding body parts:

The tips of the toes reflect the head. The heart and chest are around the ball of the foot. The liver, pancreas, and kidney are in the arch of the foot. Low back and intestines are towards the heel

According to reflexologists, pressure on the reflex points also helps to balance the nervous system and stimulates the release of endorphins that help to reduce pain and stress.


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